History of College

Our college is working under the direct control of D.A.V. College Managing Committee, New Delhi. Dr. Punam Suri, the President. D.A.V. College Managing Committee, New Delhi is our guiding spirit. Sh. R.S. Sharma, General Secretary. Sh. Shiv Raman Gaur, Director (Higher Education, DAVCMC) and at the same time our local Advisory Committee has been guiding and supporting this college morally, Socially and financially and we hope to receive the same in future also. This college was initially a ‘Girl’s’ Institution but in 2002, it was converted into a co-education college. It is located in the heart of city. The campus is well planned with modern facilities. It has well equipped Computer lab., Home Science lab, Music Room and well stocked Library. The college imparts education in Humanities and also offers master’s degree in History and Punjabi.

Principal's Message


Opportunities don't happen, you create them.

-Chris Grosser

Dear Students,

Extending a cordial welcome and warm wishes to all of you in this institution, I would like to impress upon the idea that the basic purpose of education is not to pass the Examination but to assimilate available knowledge and turn it into passion to serve the society at large History is witness that the societies which develop, keep the windows of their mind open so that fresh winds blow in and out and there is no suffocation around them. Our institution is very much in time with such type of culture, heritage and mood. In the relentless march towards the intellectual life, we intend to match the pace but we intend to also make sure that we carry people along, especially those who tend to get left behind. I delightfully and solemnly seize this opportunity to let my young students know that DAV stands for a great tradition in Education which seeks inspiration from great sages, seers and saints like Mahatama Hansraj Ji, Pandit Lekh Ram Ji, Swami Shraddhanand Ji, Swami Dayanand Saraswati Ji and Mahatama Anand Swami Ji who promoted the equality of all human beings and played a vital role in the DAV Movement. We have scaled several milestones in the field of Education through Vedic wisdom and Vedic culture. We offer an ideal combination of tradition and modernity - a synthesis of the best in the past and the best in the present. Our aim is to provide our students with a Vedic perspective to their desire for new learning, bringing them in touch with the highest ideals of our great culture. Education that a DAV institute offers, is to grope into the unknown, unfamiliar and unexplored because its character is as such. Our vision is to run all our educational programmes with an increased emphasis on spiritual aspects of life. We believe in nurturing professionals, with a difference and nurturing professionals who are different ! What we aspire for is to create a difference, remove inequality and bring lasting change. I congratulate my entire DAV team for rendering their assiduous cooperation and maintaining a cheerful spirit in the college campus for the holistic development of the students. I am sure that with such a spirit, we will achieve the farthest goals of glory and shine amongst the galaxy of Educational realm. Wishing you all the best...

Dr. Harcharan Singh Arora